Innovation and technology

Recycled plant

Aluminium is a material which when recycled, completely retains its properties. That's why we are committed to working with 100% recycled aluminum from our own recycling plant , which allows the reuse of about 7,200 tons of aluminum per year, with the consequent positive impact it poses to the environment.

The recycling process, besides saving production costs and energy (only 5% of the energy needed to extract new aluminum consumed), offers great environmental benefits.

Besides waste disposal produced by recycling, also a smaller amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is emitted (between 5 and 10% of total emissions).

Protection and finishing

To that aluminum does not lose its main properties in adversity weather should be treated. There are several alternatives for such protection.

One of the techniques used in the industry is the coating system, based on the spray paint with subsequent hardening by exposing to high temperatures. This procedure creates a protective layer of pigmented resin.

For this system we have two plants Horizontal lacquered where we can give the desired color by customer.

A coating plant upright , one of the most innovative sector facilities, which in turn gets upright structure lacquer finish quality and a much higher output in the coating of plants horizontal.

We have two kinds of lacquered two wheels that supply wood finishing lines and can offer all natural wood shades has.

The system offers the possibility of coating being smooth or textured in all shades.

Another system protection and coloration of aluminum is also give the anodic layer service, based on the material immersed in tanks with aqueous acid and induce a continuous electric current, causing an electrolytic reaction that is able to create a protective layer with different finishes depending on the metal ion used in the process.

All protection systems and color of our products follow the standards and guidelines to ensure the elasticity, adhesion, thickness, corrosion and gloss finish that gives us, far exceeding all tests demanded.


The hot extrusion system gives a perfect finish to the aluminum surface.

We have three extrusion lines with a production capacity of 24,000 tons of all kinds of aluminium profiles.

Our greatest value is the knowledge and experience that the people responsible for this process have gained in over 40 years the company has been in the sector.

Extruded products represent more than 50% of aluminum products market, this percentage is for most of the construction sector. This material is mainly used in window profiles, doors, housing structures, building facades ...

The use of aluminum has infinite applications because the hot extrusion system allows such material to be molded completely the needs of all kinds of designs and projects.

Distribution channel

With a distribution channel of 11 own stores and dispensers , we cover Spain, Portugal and North Africa. Can export to anywhere in the international market.

Each of our stores have over 2,500 installations m2 that guarantee optimal percentage of stock to give a quick response to customer demand.

Our distribution channel has a transport fleet of over 25 trucks that allow a daily delivery, thereby seeking to provide an efficient service.

We also have a sales force of more than 30 trade that gives us direct and continuous contact with market needs.

In turn, our facilities staff is highly trained in our products in order to advise the client at all times.

Innovation and design

Through direct contact with the company maintains market needs in the different stages through which passes the demand, the technical department is continuous innovation in designs of our woodwork , with the aim of improving the performance of our products.

So, in turn offers the possibility to work in exclusive projects and adapting to different customer needs, offering the exclusivity of such designs.

This always complying with the regulations in the European Union requires its new Technical Building Code (CE), for sound insulation, sealing and aeration.

The certification of all our series are tested by independent laboratories and reported to the company, which avoids the arbitrariness of a carpentry own testing, thereby gaining greater credence to the characteristics of our products.